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How Counselling Helps

There are many different reasons that may lead you to look for a counsellor for you or your child.  Life can throw obstacles in our path which may leave us feeling overwhelmed and sometimes we need a bit of extra support to be able to move forward. 

Issues from the past or present may be causing you difficulties or it could be that you are struggling with thoughts and feelings but are not sure of the cause.  You may be feeing sad, helpless, angry or guilty and stuck, wanting to make changes and move forward,  but unsure of how to go about this.  

Bottling up feelings up can be draining, confusing and lonely and turning to friends and family may be hard for fear of burdening them, being judged or perhaps of hearing advice that does not fit.

This is how counselling can be helpful.

For some, the idea of a first counselling session can seem daunting and I hope to offer you a comfortable and safe environment to help you feel at ease.

My aim is that we will work towards building a trusting relationship where you will feel able to explore thoughts, emotions and ways of coping, however challenging, knowing that you will be met with understanding and acceptance.  

I will support you in making sense of what you are feeling so you gain new insights, strategies and perspectives to move towards an increased sense of well-being.

Below are some of the issues I work with, but please do not worry if what is troubling you is not listed here as we are all different and have individual needs. 

Bereavement, anxiety, depression, suicidal feelings, abuse, low self esteem, anger, relationship issues, domestic abuse, divorce, family issues, self harm, panic attacks, parenting issues, eating disorders, OCD and trauma.

I offer short or longer term counselling and provide face to face, online Zoom® or phone sessions.

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